W A Bridge Ltd is comprised of two divisions:

The Computer Division specialises in computer consultancy, including creating web database systems tailor made to the needs of the business. Our major client is Ford Motor Company where we have created a packaging database system that determines and calculates the logistical and packaging requirements for all European and American engine plants. The Access and Oracle databases interface with other Oracle and mainframe corporate databases creating a fully integrated one stop tool for the user.

Technologies include Visual Basic, Perl, ASP, Java, SQL, Access, Oracle, and IIS.

Software applications for the public have also included the creation of a computer cribbage game ‘Swiveller’s Cribbage’ and a program that checks whether you have entered the London Congestion Zone and allows you to pay the charge easily.


The Russian division specialises in teaching Russian, interpreting and translating.

Russian Classes can be tailor made to the individual whether for business, cultural or general use.


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