William Bridge


147 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3LX

Tel (day): 01268 40 4789      (evg): 020 8365 2366

Mobile: 07771 932 413

e-mail: williambridge@stanwardine.com

Date of Birth : June 7th 1972                                                Nationality: British




William Bridge has full life cycle client-server and web database experience in Visual Basic 6, Oracle SQL, DDL, MS Access, PERL, HTML, business analysis and database design.


He has developed a web system which accesses an Access database using PERL and was a technical Project Manager / Team Leader which led, after successfully creating a prototype, to winning the bid for the full contract and completing the project on time and to budget with a high level of client satisfaction.


He also has experience in using Composer, a database modelling and development tool, in both a client-server GUI environment and in a mainframe environment throughout the life cycle of a project within Ford Motor Company, and in using IEF to integrate data from different applications into an Oracle database for Merck in New Jersey, USA.


He was captain of the University Orienteering Club and a photographer on a scientific expedition in Indonesia.

He delivered veterinary medicine for a charity in Russia and is currently doing a part time degree in Russian.

He is the developer of Swiveller's Cribbage, a popular card game that has been downloaded over 7000 times from the internet.



Career Summary


William was employed by Logica from September 1995 until May 1999 and has now formed his own company, W A Bridge Ltd. The principal clients he has worked for are Ford Motor Company and Merck.



Ford Motor Company: May 1999 – Present

Analyst/Programmer for the Materials Handling Department using Access 97/2000, VB, SQL, PERL and HTML.

He has developed a web system that links to an Access database using PERL.

It allows engineers throughout Europe, Central and North America to view and update packaging information. 

He is currently working on a system that will exchange data between an Access database and a corporate mainframe computer.




Ford Motor Company: October 1998 – May 1999

Project Manager / Team Leader for the Fleet Vehicle Test Department using VB6, Access 97, Oracle 7.32, and Perl for Internet development.

He was responsible for analysing the requirements, writing the functional specification and creating a prototype using Access which successfully led to winning the contract.

He successfully implemented the full client server and web system which was delivered on time, to budget and with a high degree of client satisfaction.

Skills which he actively used and supported were:

Visual Basic 6 for the input screens which included writing classes for an object oriented approach and ADO for fast database access.

Access 97 for the reporting facility which created dynamic SQL to allow the user a flexible approach in targeting the information of interest.

Oracle 7.32 was used as the database on a Unix server and Will was responsible for the design and creation of the database and stored procedures using DDL and PL/SQL.

Perl was used to create dynamic HTML allowing reports to be generated on the intranet.

Interfaces were also created with Excel so that Weibull statistical analysis could be performed on tyre and brake pad wear and the life expectancy of components.


Ford Motor Company: August 1997 – September 1998

Analyst/Programmer for Materials Handling Department using Access 97, VB/Oracle.

He was responsible for analysing and developing a system to track packaging material stock levels and to calculate future packaging requirements for every supplier of engine parts.

This involved close liaison with the users throughout the life cycle of the project.

The data was migrated from Excel spreadsheets and DataEase into an Access database.

Access's replication abilities were used to create local replicas for use on laptops.

VBA was used within Access and dynamic SQL created for flexible queries and reports.

Will wrote the functional specification and the on-line Help system.



Ford Motor Company: July - August 1997

Access 95/2 Developer for Budget Control System

Will made enhancements to a budget control system which was used in both a Windows 3.1/Access 2 environment and in a Windows 95/Access 95 environment and used over a Local Area Network.



Ford Motor Company: March - June 1997

IEF Developer for the SANDS (Sales and Stock) project.

Will  used IEF 5.2 Block Mode in a MVS/DB2 mainframe environment to develop complex reports informing management on the sales distribution of vehicles throughout Europe.


Merck: August 1996 - February 1997

IEF Analyst/Designer/Developer on the Merck Pharmaceutical project

Will used IEF to create a new, integrated system, to link the procurement, finance and production systems into a centralised Oracle database.

This involved several months of data modelling and information analysis to incorporate data supplied by Dun and Bradstreet as a flat file into the database.

On completion of the modular testing he used Win Runner and Test Director for regression testing in Windows NT.

The construction used an in-house code generator and testing was done on an Oracle database.


Ford Motor Company: January  - August 1996

IEF Analyst/Designer/Developer for the Vehicle Loan System Project.

Will was part of a two man team developing a system to record vehicle movements for Ford’s press car fleet using Composer 2. Responsibilities included analysis of the requirements and designing the data model. Throughout the project he evaluated and reviewed proposed changes for impact on the design of the model and system performance.

The project used a Rapid Application Design (RAD) approach that involved prototyping the system and demonstrating it to the users at an early stage to gather the required functionality.

Will wrote the functional specification and module specifications. 

Access 2 was used to create all the reports using ODBC as the mechanism to link to the Oracle tables.



Logica: September - November 1995

Access 2 Analyst/Developer

Will designed a periodical article tracking database for Logica so that employees could easily find information about businesses and programming methodologies.



Educational Qualifications


B Eng. (Honours) University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Agricultural Engineering, 2.1


American Visa


Obtained a 3 Year work visa for America, expired in June 99.


Familiarity with specific hardware, software, techniques and methodologies



ACCESS 2000 / 97 / 95 / 2 including VBA and Access Basic









MS OFFICE products including WORD/EXCEL


Competence in spoken and written languages


Russian: Distinction in Oral at elementary level

              Distinction in reading comprehension at elementary level

Currently undertaking a part time degree in Russian at the University of       Westminster.

French:   GCSE grade B


Training Courses


QA Training:

            Advanced Programming with Visual Basic Enterprise Edition V5


Developing applications with Microsoft Access 97.


Platinum Education:

            Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.


Texas Instruments:

            Analysis with Composer

            Action Diagramming

            Developing GUI Applications


WDR Training:


            DB2, DL/1, COBOL

            MVS, TSO and JCL
Chronological reference to specific jobs with dates


September 1995 - November 1995

            Logica, Great Marlborough Street, London


January 1996 - August 1996

            Logica, Client: Ford Motor Company, Public & Government Affairs,

                                                  Warley, Essex, UK


August 1996 - February 1997

            Logica, Client: Merck, Integration Services,

                                                  Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA


March 1997 - June 1997

            Logica, Client: Ford Motor Company, Sales and Stock,

              Warley, Essex, UK


July 1997 - August 1997

            Logica, Client: Ford Motor Company, Finance,

              Warley, Essex, UK


August 1997 – September 1998

            Logica, Client: Ford Motor Company, Materials Handling,

  Dunton Research Centre, Essex, UK


October 1998 – May 1999

            Logica, Client: Ford Motor Company, Fleet Vehicle Test,

                                                 Boreham, Aveley and Basildon, Essex, UK.

                                                Cologne, Germany.


May 1999 – Present 

Glencot Development & Design,

Client: Ford Motor Company, Materials Handling,

  Dunton Research Centre, Essex, UK